About Carl



Hi, I’m Carl!


You came by because you want the same thing as me—a better life for yourself and your family. That is awesome that we have something in common and it means a lot to me knowing there are people out here who support what this business does too…

I hope all is going well with YOU; let’s talk about how our goals can work together 🙂

So how did I end up here?

Growing up in a small town, I learned how to be respectful and show appreciation for everything around me. In college at Marshall University (and later graduate school), it was all about being the best student that I could possibly be- which included doing as much research possible on any topic or subject matter before diving into class discussions!

Tom Cruise in Cocktail..I was NOT

I worked as a bartender working my way through college. I truly believe this is were I found my knack for the gift of Key Westgab and discovered I was a people person and the money wasn’t bad either. This allowed me to find another love of mine…travel. I was fortunate to go to the Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Miami several times. Now the important lesson from this whole experience is I got to do the work  I loved while also doing what I desired.

Higher Education and Ambitions..

After getting my undergraduate degree in M.I.S. (Yes, I was a closet computer nerd); It was time to keep the good life rolling, so off to grad school. During my first year of grad school, I had a two hour break between classes and decided to waste some time in the city. So, I was walking down the street in between classes and saw an abandoned building and thought this would be a great place for a night club. I had no clue what kind of animal of business I was getting ready to embark on but honestly I didn’t care. So, I ended up opening a night club in West Virginia at age 23 and saw my first $10,000 week, thus the entrepreneur in me was born.

And then..

smallhome-office-design - CopyFast forward 10 years… although having more more failures than successes, I’ve been fortunate to start my own businesses, in addition to consulting for large fortune 50 and 100 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Citi Group, Black Knight Financial, Qwest Communication, and At&T to name a few.

Working with these companies I’ve been able to master the ability to to take a concept and bring it to fruition while implementing the most effective processes in order to systematize and automate their functionality. 

So I guess in short..I take an idea and make it reality while making it run on autopilot.


What’s this got to do with you?

So here were are. I want to take my entrepreneur and corporate experience to help individuals with dreams and companies who want to scale, to take advantage of their full potential and quench the desire of creating a business that allows them to feel full-filled and free to do what that their put on this earth to do…..LIVE LIFE!


 10409259_10153431644569325_379022521116313447_nIf you’re dying to know more, here are a couple things you don’t know about me….

1. I meditate every morning.
2. I workout 5 days a week at 5:30 a.m.
3. Favorite Quote: “Do what most won’t, to live like most can’t”
4. My nickname is  “Cools” from friends growing up. (We still have no idea why)

Now if you want to work with me, right this second you can click contact me and see how we can work together.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about me and hope to learn about you soon!