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SocialBrew: Mastering Facebook and Instagram Advertising

SocialBrew is an immersive online course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising for your business.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, marketer, or small business owner, this course will provide you with the essential tools to effectively reach and engage your target audience, boost conversions, and grow your brand presence.

Course Modules:

  • Facebook Ads Overview:Understand the fundamentals of Facebook advertisingLearn about ad objectives, targeting options, and ad formatsCreating Your Business Page:
  • Set up and optimize your business page on FacebookLeverage key features to maximize engagement and reach
  • Setting Up Your Meta Account:Discover the importance of a meta account for advanced tracking and analyticsStep-by-step guide to setting up your meta account
  • Installing Meta Pixel:Implement the Facebook pixel on your website for accurate conversion trackingOptimize ad campaigns based on pixel data insights
  • Creating Custom Conversions:Learn how to create custom conversion events to track specific actionsUse custom conversions to optimize your campaigns effectivelyFacebook and InstagramExplore the key features and advertising opportunities on InstagramUnderstand how to leverage both platforms synergisticallyConnecting Facebook and Instagram:
  • Integrate your Facebook and Instagram accounts for seamless cross-platform advertisingLeverage the advantages of unified ad management
  • Creating Your Ad:Dive into the ad creation process step by stepCraft compelling ad content and visuals to maximize engagementUtilizing Facebook Live to Presell Your Course or Webinar:
  • Leverage the power of Facebook Live to generate interest and anticipation for your course or webinarDiscover effective strategies to engage and convert your audience
  • Setting Up a Facebook Live Event:Learn how to plan, schedule, and promote a Facebook Live eventUtilize various tools and features to enhance the live experienceTurning Your Facebook Live into an Ad.
  • Repurpose your Facebook Live content into engaging ad campaignsMaximize the reach and impact of your live event

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