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Thanks so much for trusting us with this very important job.

I love this stuff, and I really want to make this whole experience way cooler than you're expecting.

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Please check your spam folder and select "Show Images".  We will need to contact your from time to time with course updates.

Here's how to make sure that happens:

It's SUPER IMPORTANT that you actually get the emails we send you!
The typical "from" address is [email protected]

You'll want to "whitelist" that so it doesn't get lost.
You should also "whitelist" anything from too.
(It would be embarrassing if we couldn't reach you and the culprit was that dang promotions folder).

Here's a YouTube video that shows you how to whitelist emails ...done by someone with a pretty hilarious voice.

Still don't see it?  Contact us at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted out.