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3 Day Challenge

🚀 Are You an Aspiring Course Creator? Join My Exclusive 3-Day Challenge! 🚀

Launch Your Online Course in Just 3 Days! No B.S.!


Hey Aspiring Course Creator,

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re here because you’re ready for a change. You’re done with the mundane 9-to-5 routine, and you’re craving more – more impact, more income, and a shot at the big leagues. The good news? It’s all within reach, and it all starts with crafting a single, compelling online course.

Let’s get real. Can you put a price on unleashing your untapped potential? Can you put a number on the transformation that’s waiting for you? If that hunger for success is clawing at you, then keep reading, my friend.

💡Envision Your Success
Are you picturing your course launch in all its glory? Well, I’ve got something special for you – a Challenge that spills the beans on the insider secrets of Pre-Selling. Imagine this: a crowd of eager learners ready to buy your course, even before it’s polished to perfection. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s the exact strategy the pros use, and guess what? You’re about to get the inside scoop in just 3 days.

💡Learning from the Pros
Here’s the kicker – this strategy has been the secret sauce of the seasoned pros. It’s the strategy that took us, and many others, years to figure out. But I’m handing it to you on a silver platter.

💡The Secret Sauce
Why isn’t everyone talking about this? Because most “course creation” gurus don’t have their own course creation platform. The magic isn’t just in the strategy; it’s in the strategy AND the platform that brings your course to life. Lucky for you, I’ve got both in my back pocket.

💡Ditch the Perfection Trap
Let’s talk about the perfection trap. It’s what’s holding back around 90% of course creators from making real money. They spend months learning from someone else’s “how-to” course, then another few months creating their course, only to hear crickets when they finally launch.

💡The Pressure Principle
But hold up, because the Pressure Principle is about to set you free. Sell before you create and deliver – that’s the key. And guess what? I’ve got your back with A.I. that’ll slash your course creation time by a jaw-dropping 80%.

💡Real Success Stories
Want proof? Countless students have crushed it with pre-selling and A.I. tech. It’s time to leave those excuses behind. Believe in the possibility. Big achievements are waiting for you. Enroll today and learn the art of building anticipation, validating your course idea, and putting your course up for sale – all before you finish crafting the second lesson.

👉 Ready to Unleash Your Potential? Join the Challenge Now!

– Carl Medley

p.s. I know what you’re thinking: “Why is the price tag so low?” Fair question. Let’s get real. I’ve been there, attending those “Free Webinars” only to get hit with a hefty price tag at the end. Not this time. See, my income doesn’t rely on pushing courses; it comes from Course Creativ™ – the powerhouse I’ve built.

But here’s the twist – I’m not here to rope in just anyone. My goal? To have success stories written all over my platform. That’s why I’m giving you top-notch training at a price that’s as friendly as your neighborhood café. It’s about setting you up for success. That’s the real deal, and I’m sticking to it.

💡 Learning shouldn’t be a wallet-draining affair, plain and simple.

That’s why I stepped up. I’m not just offering a challenge; I’ve crafted a platform that lets you sell your creations. And guess what? You’re getting a free ticket to the Course Creativ™ experience, where I’ll guide you through setting up your course.

I won’t let money stand in the way of your potential. No way, no how.

“To be a GOOD getter, you have to be a GREAT giver!“ ~ Russell Simmons

Taking a leaf out of Russell’s book, here’s the deal: If the 3 Day Challenge isn’t your vibe, no sweat. Dive into my Free 10 Minute Challenge. Teaching is my jam, and that’s why I cooked up this quickfire challenge. Ready? Give it a whirl right here. 👈

p.p.s. I’m not dragging this letter out for fun. It’s a filter – a test. If you’ve made it to the end, you’re the real deal. You’re in the 100% category, the folks who have what it takes to rock the course creator world!

When: August 25th-27th, 2023 ~ 2 PM EST / 11 AM PM

Enrollment Ends 8/21/23 at Midnight EST. SOLD OUT

Where: Online LIVE Event

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“As an entrepreneur, your business is constantly changing—that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur.” 

“I’ve watched thousands of my students inside of my training program Courses That Convert®️, and I’ve seen a need that I did not see years ago. That need is around launching their course before they have 100% completed it.

Now I talk about the benefits of pre-selling your course or selling it in advance of the course being done, then delivering your content each week via a LIVE workshop to a group of founding members who have already paid.” ~ Amy Porterfield


What we’ll





1. Introduction to Course Creation: Understand the importance of pre-selling and leveraging A.I. in course creation.

2. Defining Your Target Audience: Learn how to identify and understand your ideal audience for maximum impact.

3. Market Research Strategies: Discover effective methods to conduct market research and identify profitable course topics.

4.  Crafting Your Course Outline: Develop a comprehensive course outline that aligns with your audience’s needs and desires.




1. Engaging Content Strategies: Learn techniques to create compelling and valuable course content that captivates your audience.

2. A.I.-Driven Content Creation: Explore how to leverage A.I. tools to streamline content creation and enhance its effectiveness.

3. Multimedia Integration: Understand how to incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, images, and interactive materials to enhance the learning experience.

4. Engaging Your Audience: Discover strategies to foster student engagement and create a supportive learning environment.




1. Pre-Selling Strategies: Dive into proven methods for pre-selling your course to generate early revenue and validate its demand.

2. Leveraging Course Creativ Platform: Explore the Course Creativ e-learning platform, its features, and how to set up your course for sale.

3. Optimize Your Course Listing: Learn how to create compelling course descriptions, captivating visuals, and enticing pricing to attract potential buyers.

4. Marketing and Promotion: Discover effective marketing tactics to drive traffic, generate interest, and successfully launch your course to a wide audience.


By the end of this intensive 3-day curriculum, you will have not only mastered the art of pre-selling and leveraging A.I. in course creation but also have your course fully prepared and listed for sale on the Course Creativ‘s e-learning platform. Get ready to transform your expertise into a online course in just three days!

carl medley

Hey, I’m


I teach new entrepreneurs and business owners how to brand, build, and launch their own influential courses.

Hey there! I’m Carl, your trusty course creation companion with a decade of experience under my belt. I’ve made it my mission to guide new entrepreneurs and business owners through the exciting journey of branding, building, and launching their own influential courses.

Armed with A.I.-powered content creation techniques, monetization strategies that pack a punch, and growth secrets that’ll make your competition sweat, I’m here to help you shine like a star and conquer the online course creation scene with style.

Let’s embark on this adventure together and create a course that’ll have learners raving and coming back for more while making you some money in the process!

p.s. My 1st Course 10 Years Ago. Don’t judge! LOL 

Ready for this challenge?

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Choose your plan

IMPORTANT: When you select your admission to the exclusive 3-day challenge and your on the checkout page, make sure you click “add to order” so you can complete your checkout.

“The truth is there are a million excuses we have that hold us back from launching a product or service.” 

“We spend so long trying to create the perfect product that it never actually gets done (so we can’t sell it in the first place).

But that’s where you are wrong.  You CAN get it done, you just need a little pressure on yourself.

That’s why I love the model where you sell a product FIRST, then create and deliver it SECOND.” ~ Lewis Howes


Achieve these results

When you complete this challenge this is what you can expect to achieve


Create An Awesome Course

Make and sell courses using smart technology to be super successful.

Connect with the Right People

Find and understand the perfect audience for your course to make a big impact.

Discover Profitable Topics

Do research to find out what courses people really want to buy and make money from.

Plan Your Course Clearly

Make a detailed plan that matches what your audience wants and needs for a strong start.

Engage with Exciting Content

Make interesting and helpful course materials with cool tools and pictures to keep people interested.

Sell Your Course with Success

Set up your course on Course Creativ™ and start pre-selling it to make money even before it’s fully ready. Use smart strategies and marketing techniques to reach a wide audience and achieve course launch success.

See your bonuses!

Instant Bonus – General and VIP

Struggling to come up with a killer course topic that’ll have your audience drooling with anticipation? No worries, my friend. I’ve got something that’ll blow your mind and leave your competition eating your digital dust. Get ready to discover not one, not two, but three foolproof techniques that’ll have you generating course topics like a seasoned pro, without breaking a sweat!


Total Value $27.00

30 Days of Course Creativ FREE + Weekly Live Q&A – General and VIP

Unlock The True Potential Of Your Online Courses And Coaching Business With Course Creativ.

This powerful platform was specifically designed for those who are ready to create, sell, and scale their business to new heights.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities with Course Creativ – the ultimate solution for anyone looking to revolutionize their online presence.

Total Value $77.00 – $197

BrainBrew A.I. + 4 weekly live coaching calls – VIP Only

In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage cutting-edge A.I. technologies to streamline and optimize the course creation process, from researching and organizing content to creating and editing videos, quizzes, and other multimedia elements.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a complete understanding of how to leverage A.I. to create exceptional online courses that deliver real value to your audience, grow your business, and establish you as a leader in your field. So why wait? Enroll today and start using A.I. to take your course creation to the next level! Link To Course


Total Value $197.00

Special Bonus Day 5: How To Create Your Facebook Ad Campaign for your course. – VIP Only

Facebook Ad Campaign Creation: You will acquire the skills to create effective and targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

You will understand the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, including audience targeting, ad creation, budgeting, and campaign optimization.

You will learn how to design visually appealing ads, write compelling ad copy, and monitor and analyze campaign performance to ensure your ads reach the right audience and achieve your desired goals.


Total Value $97.00

Complete peace of mind

If you’re not totally satisfied within 30 days I’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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What you might want to know
When does the challenge begin?
The Challenge officially kicks off on Friday, August 25th – Sunday the 27th. We will be having follow up progress call on Wednesday August 30th for general and VIP members. VIP members get a special 4th Day on Saturday, September 2nd.
What time does the does the events start?
The challenge on Friday the 25th – 27th begins at 2 pm EST – 6 pm EST.

The follow up call on Wednesday the 30th will be from 3pm EST – 5pm EST.

The bonus VIP training will be September 2nd starting at 2 pm EST to 5 pm EST.

What if I can’t attend the live training?
The 3 day training calls last for 4 hours. If you can’t attend you can watch the replay. Since this is a guided step by step challenge you will get almost as much benefit of watching the replays as attending the live event.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Absolutely! We are incredibly confident that our time together will provide you with immense value. If, by the end of the challenge, you feel that you haven’t received your money’s worth from this minimal investment, just let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to process a refund.

Does that sound fair?

Let’s get started right away!