Are you interested in creating an online course but feeling a little overwhelmed about getting started? It can be difficult to figure out the best way to get clear about your course topic. Here are some tips for getting clarity on what you should teach in your course.

Brainstorming Exercise
The first step is to sit down and brainstorm potential topics for your course. Start by making a list of all the topics that you have expertise in or have interest in teaching. Don’t worry about how broadly each topic could be, just make a list of everything that comes to mind. By doing this, it will help narrow down your topic and give you a better idea of what direction you want to go in with your online course.

Research Your Potential Topics
Once you have compiled a list of potential topics, it’s time to do some research! Take some time to explore each subject and see what kind of resources are available on the web related to these topics. This will help you determine which topic will be the most lucrative and beneficial for creating an online course around. Additionally, check if there are any courses already being offered on these topics so that you can differentiate yours from others’ courses as well as provide something unique for prospective students.

Create an Outline for Your Course
After conducting research, start outlining the different sections and modules of your course. Begin by writing down the main points that need to be covered within each section or module and then develop subtopics under those main points. This will give you a better understanding of how much content needs to be created for each module and also serve as a great reference tool when it comes time to actually create the material for your course.

Once you’ve done all this research and outlined everything, it’s time to take action! Writing down ideas is one thing, but actually taking steps towards creating your online course is another entirely! Now that you have taken all these steps towards understanding what type of content needs to be included in your online course, it’s time to start creating! With a little dedication and hard work, soon enough you’ll have created an amazing online course that will benefit both yourself and prospective students alike! Get started creating your course today with Course Creativ.