Traffic to a website is like ambrosia to the gods, and without it a company will not continue to exist or make any increases in their profit margin. While all businesses need traffic to their websites to be successful, some types of traffic are worth more than others, and Google Plus traffic is one of those types.
When considering what kind of traffic can help a business to be the most successful, owners have to consider all sorts of things such as bounce rate, not staying on the site long enough to buy something or sign up, etc. They have to keep the all-important end user in mind when figuring out their marketing plan to get traffic to their websites.
Google Plus Traffic Better than Other Social Media Sites
Studies have shown that Google Plus traffic is giving better results than, for instance, Facebook generated traffic. In the example the content posted on a particular business site got a little over a hundred Facebook shares and nearly 200 Google +1 shares. However, the research showed that most of the Facebook sharers couldn’t possibly have even read the content because they were only on the site for less than a minute before hitting the share button, while the average Google +1 sharer stayed on the site for about six minutes, meaning they likely did read the content.
The truth is that businesses need to promote their websites or blogs to the audience they have that gets them the most exposure and traffic. But if your readers are not staying on there long enough to even read your content, it isn’t going to do you very much good. That’s another reason why content should be cross promoted onto other sites, including Google Plus, Facebook, etc.
This is another reason why studying the analytics of your websites is vital to the success of any business websites. There can be little success if a website owner isn’t paying attention to how their sites are doing and what is causing them to either get lots of traffic or get no traffic. So be sure to use Google analytics on Google Plus to help determine what the stats are for your business websites.
Ways to Build Traffic Through Google Plus
If you are having problems getting visitors to stay on your business site long enough to make a sale, then it’s time to do more to build up your followers on Google Plus. There are several ways to do this that will help you to get more followers on Google Plus and that should lead to getting more visitors and sales on your business websites in the long run. Here are some suggestions:
Share and Repost Relevant Content
If you know that the content (i.e. text, articles, photos, and videos) you are posting on your website are relevant and up-to-date and provide useful information for your niche, then don’t forget to share them on your Google Plus pages and vice versa. People are hungry for information and if you provide it, they will come and grow to know your site as the “go to” site for providing them the information, as well as the products and services, they need to meet their needs and desires.
You have to entice people to visit either a website page or a Google Plus page to grow your business, and people are only going to keep coming back to your pages is to keep on providing worthwhile content. It’s that simple.
Create Appropriate Circles
Circles in Google Plus help you to sort your friends, acquaintances, fellow businesses and co-workers into various categories, which then are used to allow them to read only the content they want to see in your Google Plus pages. You can better get Google Plus traffic to turn into traffic to your sites by making sure you have the right people in the right circles.
If, for instance, one circle contains people interested in new and upcoming products that you produce, then putting them into a circle where they have to read about someone’s retirement ceremony isn’t going to interest them and vice versa. Be sure you post content that relates to your specific circles, as that’s the beauty of Google Plus circle to begin with.
Use Google Plus to Boost Rank
High ranking of websites is another key to getting a lot of traffic to help your business to grow. If you aren’t listed on that first page of a search results, chances are you aren’t getting much traffic. Google Plus gives you the tools needed to get your site more well-known and therefore get more traffic though the Google + share and recommend button.
Be sure to use this button on your websites and on your postings on other social media sites so that your followers can choose to share your content. This gets you the exposure you need to be successful very quickly as long as readers find your content useful and relevant to their needs. Click Here If Your Ready To Take Advantage Of Google+ Marketing!